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QuickBooks Test
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Finding the best candidate for your job opening  is never effortless, but what could the cost be of hiring the wrong person?
Everyone knows that QuickBooks®, the #1 small business accounting software, is easy to use, right? Anyone can use it---that's what they say and demonstrate on TV, right?

But what if the bookkeeper you've just hired for your business doesn't understand how to use QuickBooks correctly for your business? 
Here's what happened to one manufacturing client: 

He hired a professional bookkeeper/QuickBooks expert in September. The bookkeeper/expert had used QuickBooks for just one client, a day care center, and in a very limited way---as a checkbook. He entered checks, bills and credit card charges for raw materials the same way as he did for the day care center---using the expense tab. 

The manufacturer relied heavily on a consultant-created memorized report. The report showed the company was very profitable so they hired more people. But the report was wrong. What was the problem? 
The bookkeeper entered raw materials as inventory and never expensed them when the finished goods were sold. He simply didn't know how to manage inventory in QuickBooks. He had taken a class or two, used the program for seven years and honestly had no idea how much he didn't know. The manufacturer's CPA caught the mistake the following March, but the company nearly went out of business because of the bookkeeper's misunderstanding of how to properly use QuickBooks for that business.
As the non-accountant's accounting software, QuickBooks® has greatly simplified the bookkeeping process, but no accounting package, however user-friendly, can be operated properly without sufficient understanding of its features and functionality as they apply to your business. QuickBooks® can be the best package to manage the finances of your business as well as a law firm, restaurant and municipal authority because it is easily customizable.

Below you can purchase a 75-question QuickBooks® skill test written for an employment agency. They were having problems sending QuickBooks "experts" to jobs that their "experts" were not able to do or did badly. Although QuickBooks®  can be used just to keep a checkbook balance, if set up to do so, it can be an  extensive business dashboard. If, however, the software is misused, it could cost thousands of dollars to clean up or start over. The test is a PDF and is EMAILED to you within one business day. It can be used over and over again. The test has some very general questions, questions related to accounts receivable and customers, inventory, vendors and accounts payable, banking and reports.

This inexpensive tool could save you thousands of dollars in employee productivity and training costs.

To receive a copy of the test, including the answers, click the button to be redirected to PayPal to securely process your $12.00 payment. Your test will be EMAILED to you within one business day. You can also send a check for $12.00 to Computerized Accounting PO Box 63558 Philadelphia, PA 19147. If you are mailing a check, make sure to include your email address. Sorry but we cannot accept telephone orders. A few of the test questions are listed below with the answers. Why not test your knowledge? The test is entirely multiple choice and was last updated in 2012.

3. QuickBooks® provides types of accounts to choose from as you create and add to your chart of accounts. How do you create your own account types? 

a. In preferences

b. In the setup of the item

c. You cannot create more account types than those already defined

d. Either (a) or (b) 


24. The best way to record a payment a customer makes against an invoice is:

a. Typing the deposit into the bank register

b. Enter a Sales Receipt

c. Both (a) and (b)

d. Neither (a) nor (b) 


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