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Intuit has a free downloadable tool to convert a Peachtree file to a QuickBooks file format.

The tool easily imports business data, balances, and open transactions so you can continue running your business where you left off.

* Converts data from Peachtree versions 2001-2006 into QuickBooks 2005 and 2006 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions editions.

* Guides you through a short and straightforward setup process.

* Moves data into a newly created QuickBooks file, so your existing Peachtree data is left untouched.

* Captures the current state of your business by automatically moving over company info, key lists, balances, and open transactions. Historical closed transactions cannot be imported.

There are some report differences between the softwares:

Peachtree's Inventory Reorder Point Report can be created by using either the standard Inventory Stock Status report or the Inventory Reorder Report by Vendor, which is only available in QuickBooks Financial Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition.

Peachtree's Aged Payables doesn't exist in the exact same format in QuickBooks Financial software. The Unpaid Bills Detail report is probably the closest report but it does not age from bill date, it ages from due date.

Peachtree's Cash Receipts Journal summarizes the payment made to an invoice. That report is not available in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Financial's Deposit Detail report reflects the adjustment to an account but not specific invoices paid, typically showing a change to the Undeposited Funds account and the Bank account.

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