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There is a free application, eBay Accounting Assistant, that automatically downloads eBay transactions into QuickBooks, enabling eBay sellers to easily track their SALES TRANSACTIONS and fees. With an accurate and complete view of their finances, small business owners can make faster, more informed business decisions. However if you also sell through your own website and/or a brick and mortar store, please check the information on the page on this site for retailers. I do not recommend that you use the PP or EAA solution. 

Note that when the QB item name is the same as the eBay item title, Accounting Assistant will match up the sale to the purchase, but Accounting Assistant does not allow the entry of the purchase side of the merchandise. All of that work is done in QuickBooks.

EAA was developed by eBay to allow its sellers to easily import eBay transactions directly into QuickBooks. Before Accounting Assistant, sellers who wanted to track how they are making and spending money had to either manually enter transactions into QuickBooks or lump a batch of transactions together and track them as a single line item. Manually entering individual transactions can take hours and entering lump sums can lead to mistakes in the books. With Accounting Assistant, eBay sellers eliminate these problems and have an accurate easy way to manage their business.

eBay sellers using Accounting Assistant will benefit from:

* Time savings: By automating the download of transaction and payment data directly from eBay and PayPal, sellers will never again have to manually enter data.

* Increased Accuracy: By eliminating manual re-entry and the practice of grouping multiple transactions as a single entry, users will greatly reduce the risk of having inaccurate information on the books.

* Complete picture of sales and expenses: by giving sellers the ability to view their sales and expenses in QuickBooks, sellers can generate reports that show where they are making and spending money.

"Running a small business is an exciting, but tough challenge. The businesses that succeed are the ones who stay on top of their finances," said Brian Dennehy, vice president of marketing for Intuit's QuickBooks. "eBay's Accounting Assistant provides thousands of eBay sellers a quick and easy path to QuickBooks so they can track where money is coming from and where it is going - one of the most important steps businesses can take to ensure they are successful."

"We are committed to providing eBay sellers with tools and enhancements for their businesses," said Chris Tsakalakis, senior director, eBay Stores. "Working with Intuit to provide sellers easy integration with QuickBooks will help eBay sellers continue to grow and be successful."

Pricing and Availability

Free to all eBay Stores and eBay Selling Manager subscribers, eBay Accounting Assistant software can be downloaded at EAA integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier and Enterprise Editions as well as QuickBooks Online Edition. Make sure, however, that the QuickBooks file is set up before you attempt to import the EAA file. If it is not, you will receive error messages when you attempt to import. 

The PayPal import will only work with QB Pro or a higher version, not the free Simple Start versions. If you try to use QBSS you'll see an error message "download.iif is not a QuickBooks file or it is damaged." If you have already begun using QuickBooks Simple Start your file is easily importable into one of the higher level versions of QuickBooks, no data is lost. 

You do not use both the PayPal import and EAA, pick one and stick with it. Many eBayers feel that the PP product is the better choice.

Here is a link where you can download for free a full working version of QuickBooks Simple Start

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