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Did you know that the #1 company on Inc Magazine's list of fastest growing companies was using QuickBooks, installed and trained on Great Plains and then moved back to QuickBooks when the owner found that the accounting staff was all going to quit? If you've been using QuickBooks and think that you have outgrown the software, look again at what QuickBooks Enterprise Edition can do for you.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions offers the most comprehensive business management tools for growing businesses with 20+ employees. Plus it includes all the features of QuickBooks Premier.

Key Features and Benefits

Improved performance to save you more time so key reports run 50 percent faster and you get improved simultaneous user performance

Increased capacity to support your growing business with support for up to 10 simultaneous users and double the list limits

Better tools to help you manage growth so you can quickly create sales orders from estimates, combine reports from multiple company files, search customer lists and connect multiple locations

Get all the features in Premier and the QuickBooks ease-of-use you've come to rely on

Accounting Pros Call QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions "Faster and Stronger"

"A turbo-charged business solution that's still easy to use."

Accounting Today

Five accounting software experts put the pedal to the metal with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Business Management Software. These mid-market accounting software pros gave kudos to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for its power to handle transactions more quickly and support for 10 simultaneous users.

"Using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions will eliminate the need to learn a new interface or give up the ease of use of the familiar Pro or Premier," said Randy Johnston, executive vice president of K2 Enterprises.

The reviewers agreed that they'd be comfortable recommending QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to other QuickBooks users experiencing slowdowns from higher transaction volumes. The reviewers particularly liked the ability to consolidate reports from multiple companies, the capability to handle double the inventory items, and the availability of remote access over the Internet.

These new features make this business management software more than just "QuickBooks on steroids," quipped Carlton Collins, president of Accounting Software Advisor.

Make sure to also visit this link for how QBES can assist your business with business intelligence solutions.

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