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If you have computer equipment you no longer use, here are ways to donate it to a worthy cause:


NonProfit Technology Resources 215-564-6686 is located at 1524 Brandywine Street, just off Broad Street north of City Hall. NTR accepts the donation of used computers, 17" SVGA monitors, small dot-matrix printers, ink-jet and laser printers, and other computer accessories from 9 am till 3 pm Monday through Thursday. Please call NTR's office before dropping off your donation or to request a pickup of 10 or more identical Pentium "III" (or better) computers in the Philadelphia area. NTR can pickup your donation of 100 or more Pentium "III" computers anywhere from New York City to Washington DC.

Excess Access ( gets high marks for making do gooding easy. After you pay a $10 listing fee for all your items, the computers at Excess Access check the wish lists of participating nonprofits and notify the nearby charities that have expressed interest in the types of goods you want to donate. You then work directly with the charity to make arrangements---all Excess Access nonprofits are responsible for pickups---and the deal is done, complete with documentation so you can claim a tax deduction. Since its inception in 197, Excess Access has found nonprofit homes for more than 35,000 items donated by businesses and individuals. "We estimate that we have kept approximately 400 tons of goods out of landfills," says site founder Lisa Gautier.


If you have a computer, printer, scanner or monitor to donate, check out both the National Christina Foiundation ( and the World Computer Exchange ( as well.

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