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Here are some easy-to-use software solutions to manage the unique needs of NonProfits:
1. NonprofitBooks (works with QuickBooks) $279.00
Product Description:
Turn QuickBooks into your nonprofit accounting solution!

Nonprofits' accounting needs are unique, and NonprofitBooks lets you use QuickBooks® to perform nonprofit accounting and reporting easily and affordably.

Designed by leading nonprofit financial experts, NonprofitBooks allows you to automate shared expense allocations, keep track of restricted grants and generate specialized financial reports for board, funders and regulatory agencies.

NonprofitBooks works for any tax-exempt organization: charities, faith-based, institutions, human service firms, advocacy groups, arts organizations and foundations.

How it works

Setup your books
Take control of your books! NonprofitBooks setup wizard will walk you through setting up your chart of accounts, allocations, programs and grants. NonprofitBooks translates complex accounting jargon into nonprofit terms you can understand.

· Chart of Accounts
· Allocations
· Grants
· Donors
· Programs

Automate your transactions
Do it all in one place! NonprofitBooks helps you track program-related expenses, account for restricted grants, allocate shared expenses and perform other daily transactions.

· Enter Bills
· Write Checks
· Receive Grants
· Make Deposits
· Journal Entries
· Automatically Allocate Shared Expenses

Generate your own reports
Forget spreadsheets! NonprofitBooks reporting uses Crystal Reports® to generate your nonprofit financial reports using your QuickBooks® data. NonprofitBooks can even help you prepare your IRS Form 990, saving your organization time and money!

· Statement of Functional Expenses -
Summary or Detail
· Statement of Financial Position by Fund
· Form 990 Preparation
· Statement of Cashflow
· Allocation History
· Statement of Activities
· Budget Reports

Technical Support:
B2PCommerce is dedicated to providing the highest quality attention and care to the customer experience.
From the purchase of your NonprofitBooks product through installation, training and ongoing technical issues, our customer care system has been developed to provide the user with quick and easy-to-use solutions.
Premier Support Plan Details
Our annual support plan provides you with unlimited support for your NonprofitBooks software through a toll free number or email.
Benefits to the Premier Support Program:
· Talk to a NonprofitBooks expert within 30 minutes of your call being logged at the Support Center.
· Submit questions via email and get responses within 24 hours.
· Free quarterly newsletter for NonprofitBooks users.
· Automatically receive product update bulletins to notify you of important issues about your NonprofitBooks software.
Visit for detailed policies regarding this program.

Tech Support Pricing:
$199 per year for the Premier Support Program.

Tech Support Telephone:

Tech Support URL: 

System Requirements:
Minimum CPU required: 300 MHz
Minimum memory required: 64 MB
Minimum hard disk space required: 105 MB
Operating system version: Windows 98 SE/NT 4.0 (SP6)/2000/ME/XP
Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 600
Web browser versions: Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does NonprofitBooks replace QuickBooks®?
A: No. NonprofitBooks was created for use with Intuit's QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Accountant Edition. NonprofitBooks was designed by a steering committee of nonprofit accounting experts with the needs of nonprofit organizations in mind. You need to have a copy of Intuit's QuickBooks® in order to utilize all of the nonprofit-specific features built into NonprofitBooks.

Q: Can I use my current version of QuickBooks® with NonprofitBooks?
A: NonprofitBooks only works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Accountant Edition. These QuickBooks products support 3rd party applications like NonprofitBooks. So you will need to upgrade to one of them if you currently do not have that version of QuickBooks.

Q: Is this product endorsed by any industry experts or training centers?
A: Yes. We designed NonprofitBooks in conjunction with a steering committee of nonprofit accounting experts. In addition, we understand the importance of training and have partnered with leading nonprofit training centers throughout the country to provide you with a familiar setting to learn how to use your NonprofitBooks.

Q: Why is NonprofitBooks so inexpensive compared to other nonprofit or fund accounting software?
A: NonprofitBooks was designed to work with QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Accountant Editon to add the necessary features and functionality that allow for nonprofit accounting. Given the fact that so many nonprofits are using QuickBooks, we were able to leverage their existing platform instead of reinventing the entire accounting functionality.


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