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Quicken can help you stay on top of your finances and make achieving your goals and planning your financial future easier. If you feel that your spending is out of control and feel powerless to contain it, you're definitely not alone, and Quicken can help you.

Quicken gets you set up easily by just answering simple questions about your goals in the Quicken Guided Setup, and Quicken makes sure you're setting up the right items, such as accounts, bills, and paychecks. Use it anytime when you're just starting out or whenever you want to add new accounts or goals. When it's finished getting you set up, it even tells you what to do next.

You, too, can make Smarter Investment and Tax Decisions with Quicken using Intelligent Investing Alerts (Premier exclusive). The investing world is constantly changing and Quicken helps you stay on top of it. Get alerts when a stock beats analysts' estimates, when the MorningstarŽ rating on your fund drops and more. See how it relates to your investments and get suggested next steps to explore.

Use Tax-Smart Investing Insights (Premier exclusive)to alert you to opportunities to offset capital gains or losses or when similar but more tax-efficient investments are available or when taxable events occur, like a mutual fund distribution occur. Get valuable insights to help improve your after-tax returns using Quicken.

Use Three Tax Reports (Premier exclusive) Schedules A, B and D to help you stay on top of deductions, interest and dividends, and capital gains. And they'll help you prepare your taxes more easily. My favorite screen is the Investing Center, Today's Data window. As an active investor, I update it at least twice a day and always begin the day looking at the watch list at the bottom of the page for news about my watch list securities and the markets in general. It's a real timesaver!

Use the Investment Sale Optimizer (Premier exclusive) this way: if you needed to come up with $5000, Quicken can help you find an optimal way with its technology. Set your criteria from various options like "minimize taxes" or "maximize ROI" and Quicken can help you select a combination of securities to sell. Best of all, this sophisticated investment optimizing aid, which is part of the Capital Gains Estimator, is simple to use!

Use the Investor's Reference Guide (Premier only) to learn with tutorials on getting started with investing, evaluating stocks and mutual funds, bonds, investing strategies and more.

Use the Buy/Sell Preview (Premier only) before you buy or sell an investment and you get a quick and easy preview of your estimated proceeds and the potential impact on your capital gains, taxes and portfolio.

Use the Capital Gains YTD Snapshot (Premier exclusive) which includes a quick snapshot of your capital gains situation for the current tax year so you'll always know where you stand.

Get connected for online downloading it's easy! Download your bank, credit card or brokerage transactions into Quicken instead of typing them. You'll save time and reduce errors. Quicken makes online setup easier than ever before by guiding you through easy-to-follow steps.
Quicken makes investment setup fast, painless and more accurate. Just enter the name of your participating financial institution, answer a few easy questions, and you're ready to go. When you're entering your existing holdings, Quicken prompts you with helpful tips and questions, customizing itself to your answers. So whether you're a novice or an experienced investor, you can use the powerful investment tools in Quicken to help you stay on top of your investments.

Tracking your paycheck deductions helps you with tax planning and 401(k) tracking. We've redesigned Paycheck Setup to look like a pay stub, so it's much easier to see what goes where. And Paycheck Setup now lets you start in mid-year by entering year-to-date amounts for all items. So you can get a more accurate tax picture without entering all your previous paychecks.

Why pay late fees and finance charges when you don't have to? Let Quicken track your bills, remind you when they're coming due, and even pay them online for you if you like. Quicken Guided Bills Setup makes it faster and easier to let Quicken know which bills to track and what you want Quicken to do with them.

A Conversion Wizard automatically launches when you install Quicken and seamlessly helps you upgrade your Quicken data file from an earlier version, saving you time and worry.

Typing your transactions by hand is tedious work, and tracking down errors can cost you hours. Why not download that data instead? Now, Quicken can download transaction data from over 2000 banks, credit card, brokerage and 401(k) companies, including the Quicken MasterCardŽ. You'll save time and increase your accuracy.

Stop writing checks, licking envelopes and sticking stamps! Quicken bill pay lets you pay anyone from the phone company to the babysitter directly from within Quicken. It works with any checking account in the United States.

Imagine starting Quicken, and your banking, credit card and investing transactions are already downloaded and waiting for you. Now, you can schedule when you want Quicken to go online and download your transactions even when you're asleep! So your data is ready when you are.

Based on talks with hundreds of Quicken users, we've redesigned Quicken with a new look that gives you easier, more direct access to your accounts and the features people use most. Best of all, the new design is so logically organized, you'll understand exactly how to use it instantly. And after a few minutes, you'll feel so at home, you'll never look back. The new design includes:

Account Bar for easy access to favorite accounts

Account and Global Centers for instant snapshots of your financial picture

Customizable Tool Bar for one-click access to global and frequently-used features

Report Navigator for easier report navigation and customization

The Quicken Migration Wizard loads automatically when you upgrade. It introduces you, step-by-step, to the new design features, so you can make the most of them.

Quicken Online  - Use Through Your iPhone 
Quicken Online is the newest way to get your personal finance information all in one place. Plus, any subscriber can access an optimized Quicken Online version from your 
iPhone. Now, you can focus on convenient ways to do the things you might want to do while away from home.

How Do I Get Started?

Just sign up as usual via your computer (not your iPhone) and set up your Quicken Online account.  Be sure to add all the bank accounts you want to see on your Home page. 
Then, from your 
iPhone, go to Sign in as usual. 
What can I do from my iPhone?
From your 
iPhone, you can:

  • Use the My Accounts tab to see the Bank Balance and RealBalance™ for each of your accounts.
  • Use the My Bills tab to see your reminders.
  • Use the Add Transaction tab to add upcoming transactions. For example, if you want to see how a store purchase would affect your RealBalance, enter it as an upcoming transaction.

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