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Our methodology for teaching is quite different from attending a class at something like CompUSA or with the RockTeam, where typically their instructors are required to be able to teach Microsoft Office Suite, Project, Quickbooks, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator and Peachtree Accounting and are NOT certified in QuickBooks by Intuit. We actually know intimately, use, and teach every day the QuickBooks, Oracle Small Business and Quicken programs.  We know all the shortcuts to learning and use of these great pieces of software---speeding your learning of the products. And we definitely don't teach "glued to a manual." Most of the challenge in learning an accounting program is tailoring the program to adapt to your business and your way of doing things. Teaching from a manual doesn't allow the flexibility to adjust and adapt to the needs of each student. 

This outline would be for an introduction to QuickBooks and covers all basic areas of creating and maintaining a complete set of records for your business. Of course, we would customize this outline to suit your specific needs.
Standard basic training outline (typically three hours):
1. Setting up QuickBooks
2. Working with Lists
3. Writing Checks
4. Entering Sales
5. Receiving Payments
6. Making Deposits
7. Entering and Paying Bills
8. Running financial reports