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Oracle Small Business Suite
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Oracle Small Business Suite
Pricing: Starting at $1,200 per year

With over 7,000 companies already using it, Oracle Small Business Suite is the most widely adopted online business application for smaller businesses to streamline both their front and back office operations. It handles accounting and payroll, customer relationship management, order processing, inventory management, time & billing, Web site/store creation and hosting, and more. Being a Web-based application means Oracle Small Business Suite can be rapidly deployed to all your business locations at no extra cost and employees on the road or telecommuting can also log in and have full-featured access as if they were sitting at their desk. Oracle Small Business Suite will also save you significant money because you eliminate all the setup, maintenance and hardware costs associated with typical business software.

Oracle Small Business Suite stores all data centrally on one Oracle database so you, as a manager, can get a complete picture of all your business operations using highly customizable, integrated reporting capabilities.

Why Oracle Small Business Suite?
  • All key business data at your fingertips
    Your Executive Dashboard gives you a portal view of real-time snapshots of any data that you specify. Because data is stored centrally, you have integrated reporting across all departmental data. You can also run over 100 standard reports or customize your own.
  • Get up and running quickly
    Oracle Small Business Suite includes import tools to make switching from your current application to the Suite as painless as possible. We have created specific import tools for Quicken® and QuickBooks®, and our CSV import tool allows you to quickly import all your records, including item, contact, customer, employee, vendor and contact lists. Our smbXML data exchange tool allows you to import lists as well as transactions, even if your current application is DOS-based.
  • Highly customizable to fit your needs
    Oracle Small Business Suite allows you to define custom information you want to track related to any product, service, customer, partner or other entity. You can also define forms, terminology, reports and even how the application looks. And using our SMBXML data exchange and data import/export capabilities, you can easily pass data between Oracle Small Business Suite and any other applications you use.
  • Save significant IT costs
    In addition to avoiding the cost of purchasing expensive applications for each department, Oracle Small Business Suite is a secure, Web-based hosted solution so you also avoid the cost of installing software, purchasing hardware or handling ongoing maintenance, upgrades and system troubleshooting a significant cost savings to you. We take care of all that for you at our world class data center with our team of IT professionals on duty around the clock.

Oracle Small Business Suite includes:

Accounting / ERP
  • General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable
  • Order processing
  • Time and Billing
  • Inventory Management
Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Support management
Employee Management and Productivity
  • Reporting / Executive Dashboard
  • Group Calendaring and Collaboration
  • Employee Records
  • Payroll with Direct Deposit
  • Expense Reporting
Web Presence
  • Web Site / Web Store
  • Online Partner / Vendor Center
  • Intranet / Extranet

Oracle Small Business Suite feature highlights:
Automated Lead Processing and Lead Management
Oracle Small Business Suite allows you to manage leads and prospects from origination right through to close. Our online lead form starts the process. Leads can be automatically routed to sales representatives and territories for follow-up. As leads progress, you can assign different statuses with different probabilities of closing, for more accurate sales forecasting. When a lead is ready to purchase, your salespeople can automatically convert estimates into sales orders for efficient sales processing.

Full-featured General Ledger
With no limit to the size of your chart of accounts, the ability to create sub-accounts, and with department, class and location classification capabilities Oracle Small Business has the flexibility your business needs. All transactions automatically update the general ledger and you can even memorize and schedule automatically reversing journals entries.

Time and Billing
Employees can enter their own time sheets directly in to Oracle Small Business Suite through their secure online Employee Center, associate it with the customer or job they worked on, select the particular service item and mark it as billable; they can do the same for their expense reports too. All billable time and expenses are instantly available for inclusion on a customer invoice without the need to re-enter the information.

Inventory Management
Oracle Small Business Suite provides LIFO, FIFO or average costing methods for inventory management and reporting. In addition you can define multiple prices for your items and grant customers preferred pricing by associating a price level with their customer record. Re-order and out-of-stock notifications are provided when creating sales transactions.

Always-On Audit Trail
Unlike other small business accounting packages, Oracle Small Business Suite features an always-on audit trail to ensure you can reliably track the time and the individual user that performed any entry in the system.

Role-Based Centers and Snapshots
Oracle Small Business Suite has separate roles for each type of user within your organization - accounting, web site, shipping, marketing, sales and support. Each role is custom designed for the employee's functional area to find quick shortcuts and often-used features easily. Graphical snapshots and real-time summary reports provide users with a snapshot of key business information that they need to do their work. Each user can also save frequently-performed searches to provide a quick way to access information. The centers also include the user's calendar, tasks and reminders including system reminders for tasks that need their attention so it's impossible to miss time-critical tasks.

Flexible Customization
Powerful customization options give you the flexibility to tailor Oracle Small Business Suite to meet your specific needs. Customization tools include:
  • Enhanced form customization for transactions, entities and CRM records.
  • Enhanced custom field customization with new display options and enhanced sourcing.
  • SMBXML data exchange and CSV data import/export capabilities allow you to easily pass data between Oracle Small Business Suite and any other applications you use.