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Why kill an ant with a sledgehammer when a simple tissue will do?

If your business accounting needs are simple, look at the Simple Start Edition for the simpliest way to track sales and expenses.

* Contains the essentials for simpler businesses to help them track money in and money out of the business. It's ideal for new or manual method businesses needing an easy entry into QuickBooks.

* Includes familiar, easy-to-use QuickBooks forms, but does not include advanced functionality like payroll, inventory, accounts payable, or purchase orders.

* Data easily converts to QuickBooks Pro and Industry-Specific Editions as business grows

Whenever I have extras I leave free copies of Simple Start at South Street Philly Bagels, 617 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147. They're in the window where you see all the handbills for theater programs. You just have to stop by and pick one up from the stack. They open at 7 am M-Sun.

These are sealed, registerable Intuit CDs which include the authentic hologram.

Currently there are 25 different versions of QuickBooks. This is the simpliest(just the basics) one. Should you determine that you need more features, you can simply purchase a software upgrade and not lose anything you have entered in this version. But for many small businesses, this is enough and would take you about 15 minutes to get it set up so you are off and running: tracking money coming into and going out of your business, writing invoices and checks and generating one-click reports such as a profit and loss.

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