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Recommended QuickBooks and Quicken Books

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Quicken for Dummies by Stephen Nelson is one of my personal favorites. Quicken is designed to help consumers set up and track their day-to-day finances, better manage their investments, and evaluate the tax implications of their financial decisions. This book empowers readers to plan their own finances.
QuickBooks For Dummies also by Stephen Nelson shows how to use QuickBooks and customize it for each business. The book shows you how to easily access reports, graphs, accounts and inventory and how to quickly track who owes you money and what you owe to others. The book was written to efficiently teach QuickBooks complete financial management capabilities and ease-of-use to small business owners who don't understand accounting jargon or debit/credit accounting.
QuickBooks: The Official Guide by Kathy Ivens is another good book to have. QuickBooks can be confusing to set up and optimize. Authorized by the software's manufacturer, Intuit Inc., The Official Guide cuts through this confusion. Not only does it show how to use the program, but it also explains when and why to customize its features to make small business accounting simpler and more efficient. Useful for those setting up QuickBooks for the first time or those who are upgrading to the newest version.


There are many other fine, helpful books to assisting you in making the most of your investment in QuickBooks or Quicken. Below are random selections by Amazon.

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