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"It would be impossible to run our business without QuickBooks Online Edition."
Steve Schatz, COO
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QuickBooks Online Edition is my favorite version of QuickBooks. Here's why: 
1. You can access your financial information anytime, anywhere and enjoy the flexibility to stay on top of your finances while you're on the road, meeting with a customer, or working at home. You can access your accounting from anyplace with a high-speed Internet connection.
I have a client that hired an accountant that misunderstood payroll. The payroll service that they are using downloaded the correct transactions to record payroll, but he didn't understand the term "941". He deleted all the payroll transactions downloaded and re-entered them but entered the payroll as the net amount each employee was paid and grouped together both the employee liability payments and the employer's payroll taxes. The result was that the budgets that the client has been relying on are very wrong, their financial statements that they have been giving to the Board are wrong and the payroll for the entire year must be re entered. It was easy to see what happened by using the "Activity Log" in the software which shows exactly what happened. (It shows what the transactions originally looked like, what they now look like and when the transactions were changed.) A really great feature that is not available in the desktop edition!

2. You can share up-to-date information over the Internet with employees, business partners, and your accountant. Everyone you choose can access the same information simultaneously, even if they are in different locations. Your accountant can access your data online and easily review your books, enter quarter end adjustments, and more. You control who can access your books and what they can see and do.

3. You can spend more time managing your business by reducing IT hassles. The Online Edition takes care of critical IT tasks. Your data is automatically backed up every day, protecting your valuable business information. Upgrades are included, so you are always using the latest version. You don't have to worry about installing new software, networking users, or maintenance. Support, which is included at no extra charge, is only a click away.

4. You can work more productively. QuickBooks Online Edition puts the business information you need at your fingertips, via the Web. Work more productively when all your financial data is protected in a single, easily accessible location. You control who can access your books and what they can see and do.

5. Your financial data is always safe. QuickBooks Online Edition automatically backs up your data every day. All your data is stored on firewall-protected servers monitored for reliability 24/7 and automatically backed up every day. It protects your data during transmission over the Internet with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. You control who can access your books and what they can see and do.

6. You can get started quickly and easily since you don't have to purchase or install software. Within a few minutes of reading this screen you could be starting a 30-day free trial. Also, you can easily convert existing data from QuickBooks Basic, Pro, or Premier Edition. Click on the link at the top of this page for a 20% discount on the monthly subscription fee.

7. Support is included at no extra charge. If you have a question about the Online Edition, an American service consultant will contact you by phone or e-mail, whichever you prefer. 91% of Online Edition customers say the support is the best they've ever received from a software company.



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